tera salvaria

did this shirts for our fest in the woods.  tera salvaria . More photos and merch to come. for now just kids

39c / International Grafitti Contest

The second time that i did the shirts for Ricky/39cento and for his Graffitti Convention in Bolzano. I got this wonderful drawing made by Beppe and did 125 pieces with 2 screens white and black on several colors. Gildan Heavy Cotton. 25 pieces for each color.

Highscore Tattoo

Did this two Shoppers for Highscore Tatto rfor they presence at the Tattoo Convention in Rome. Nice work with two nice graphics provided by Teo and Martin himselfs. Small edition of 15 pieces each. Some posters of course too.

The Cowboy without a Horse




Free Pussy Riot

Alex asked me to print some shirts / bags / posters to sell for benefit for Pussy riot.
I did it for the pussy, for the tits and of course for the liberty

Sangre de Muerdago - Bland Vargar Gigposter

I did this Gigposter as a Tribute to two bands that i admire much. Sangre de Muerdago from Galicia and Bland Vargar from Bologna. I drawn this by hand and i printed it. 2 colors on 200gr brown Cardboard. 35x50cm is the size. numbered edition of 28 / 13 remains. it costs 10 euros without shipping. i comes enrolled and in tubes. to get one as always write me here

Noluntas - second release

Noluntas are Quick! few weeks after the first serie they needed another one. like always 100 pieces / like always continental clothing / like always white for girls and anthracit for boys.

Alp'n Rockets Roller Derby

tank tops and shirts for the girls. about 30 pieces, almost everyone different. what a fok.
they recently did a calendar, hell yes, 'cause what is a workshop without one hanging? 
less humility, more virility. 

la simpatica duegiorni; Felix Lalù

felix lalù è venuto a trovarmi settimana scorsa.
qui lo spiegone scritto meglio da lui.
ciò che felix ha dimenticato di narrare è che durante il concerto in laboratorio è scoppiato un incendio. prontamente domato grazie ai mie nervi saldi. il concerto continua e a canzone finita felix chiede: è successo qualcosa? ha preso fuoco la lampada per incidere rispondo. però tutto sotto controllo. 
ok dice. the show must go on.

Poster per la sua marcia su roma. 33 pezzi numerati a due colori, marrone scolo e rosso porpora su cartoncini beige e crema. 

Felix Lalu is a good friend of mine who came for a visit at my place last week, i learned him to screenprint and he performs his tunes the last night at the Lab. we spend two funny days together and get molestly drunk the last night... and of course we did some prints. 

Cardboard Posters for his upcoming tour. 33 pieces on 50x70 creme and beige cardboards. two screens. drawing by him.  

per tutti i buoi che hanno partecipato al concerto abbiamo stampato dei posterini da appendere sopra il letto. edizione di trentasette duralex lex sed lex. due colori su cartoncino marrone spuma.

For all the partecipants we print smaller poster with a classic vine glass that you get in italy in the saloons. edition of 37 on spumabrowncardboard. two screens. this too drawed by felix. 

e abbiamo anche stampato qualche maglietta con questo soggetto dall'anima popolare
some shirts too.

invece questo è il simpatico manifesto per la serata
this is the clever flyer for the show. we escape a burning as well,  now i can couragely speak about.

e queste qualche immagine della serata.
notti magiche!

and here some pics of the show. magic nights!